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Login to Menura

The login page allows a user to gain access to an application by entering their username and password.
The platform has three user roles:
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The login process must include the following:
  • Login process must be initiated whenever a visitor clicks on the ‘Log In’ located on the top right of the page.
  • Clicking the ‘Login’ button must invoke a login form.
  • Enter a registered email address or Store Code.
  • The waiter and receptionist needs to add the password which has to be given by the admin.
  • Once a user has finished providing required login input, they must click ‘Log In’ to trigger validation. System must validate that the user has entered all fields that require input.
  • Failed validation must display an error message informing the user.
  • After entering the correct credential, the waiter and reception will be redirected to the order page and admin will redirect to the dashboard.
Order dashboard: