Here insights is a deep inspection or overview of items and orders.In insights there are four sections


2.Order Taken

3.Platform Activity

4.Sections and Products

  1. Analytics : In analytics it displays the Most Sold Items, Second Sold Items and Most viewed section and Least Sold Items of the Menu with the number of sales and the images respectively.

  1. Order Taken : is a graph that contains dates as x-axis and the order count as y-axis.the range of dates is selected from the calendar given and click on the get button to get the chart of particular dates.

  1. Platform Activity : here the activities done on the platform will be displayed, by default it is displaying recent 10 platform activities. We have options to view the platform activity which are as follows.

  • Date : date dropdown with Today,Yesterday,Week,Month options. By selecting these options we can view the platform activities of Today,Yesterday,Week and Month respectively.

  • Select Range : By clicking on Select Range it will display a calendar in that select range of dates and click on get to get the activities of the selected range of dates.

  • By clicking on more button it will display some other options such as follows.

  • Select Log Type : by clicking on this button it will display Admin,Customer,Waiter and Reception. By selecting any it will display that login platform activity.

  • Select Section : By clicking on this button it will display all the sections in the menu. By selecting any of the sections it will display the activities related to that particular section.

  • Select Product : By clicking on this it will display a dropdown with all the products of the menu. By selecting any of the products it will display the platform activities related to the selected product.

  • Search area : we are able to search for some platform activity using this search area by entering mail id and clicking on search. It will display the platform activities related to that email id.

  1. Sections and Products : Here we have a dropdown with the list of Sections. By selecting any section in the dropdown it will display the number of products present in that section with the details such as number of clients viewed that product, number of orders on that product and the total amount earned from that product.

  1. On the right side of the Insights page it displays average feedback with the number of sad,neutral and satisfied feedback.

  1. Under the Helpful Insights it displays the section Count,Product Count,Waiters Count and Reception Count.

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