Orders Managements

Order Screen:

  • Client orders will display in this section.

  • Click on the order section in the header.it will display the order page.

  • There are two sections in admin Orders section

Pending Orders:

  • It will display the list of orders made by the clients and waiters. In the pending order with the Accept and Decline button.

Accept Orders:

  • Admin can accept the order, by clicking the Accept button it will display the text area ‘Reason For Accept’.

  • Write the reason for acceptance in the text area.click on yes button.

  • The order status will change from pending order to accepted order and the order will be moved from Pending Orders to Accepted Orders

Decline Orders

  • Admin can decline the order, by clicking the Decline button it will display the text area ‘Reason For Decline’.

  • Write the reason for decline in the text area.click on yes button.

  • Order will be deleted and we are sending a decline notification to users.

  • Declined order will move to history.

Accepted Orders

  • After accepting the order,the order will be in the preparing state of the accepted orders section.

  • We can complete the order by clicking on the “ Preparing Button “.

  • The order will be completed and we will send the completed notification to the client.

  • After completing the order admin can request the feedback by clicking the feedback button.

  • After completing the order, the admin sends the push notification to the client regarding particular products items.

Click on specific Order: View order details

  • When receiving a new order, it will show the order section.

  • To view order details, click on order row

  • It will display Item name and image, Quantity, Price of each item, Instructions ( client or waiters notes ), and Delete option

  • Delete option: you can delete any dish from that order if requested by the customer.

Edit Orders

  • Admin can also edit the orders present in the Pending Orders list by clicking on the edit button.

  • By clicking on the edit button it will open the Menu page where admin can add any items to cart and update or can remove the items from the cart and update the order and admin can increment or decrement the number of orders and update the order.


In the Orders page there is an Activity section in admin, here the latest 10 activities of the restaurant will be displayed and at the bottom it will display the number of present day orders, number of accepted orders and the average time to complete the order will be displayed.


In the Orders page at top right there is a history button. By clicking on the history button it will open a history page in which orders history will be there. Admin can view the order history based on the sections given here like today,yesterday,week, the type orders and the range of dates.

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