Add Tax Value

Tax is a charge laid upon a person for the support of a Government.

Here admin has the option to add a tax value on each product price value.

Steps to Add Tax Value :

  • In admin profile there is Tax Info field in which there is a Apply Tax Toggle button by enabling this button it will display two fields Tax Type and Tax Value.

  • Tax Type is a drop-down in the dropdown. There are two types: specific and percentage.

  • Tax value is a text area field in which we need to enter the tax value in numbers.

  • If we select a specific type in the tax type it will take the value specified in the field as tax.

  • If we select the percentage type it will calculate the percentage value based on the tax value added and the product value present in the menu.

  • Click on the update button to save the tax value applied.

  • Tax value will be reflected in the order summary page and orders page.

  • Screenshot to show the order summary page with percentage type of Tax Value.

  • Screenshot shows the specific type of Tax Value in the order summary page.

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