New item

Steps to add Items/Products :

  • In the Menu page click on Add Item, it will display the Add Item area.

  • First select the section for which we need to add item

    • Title:

    • Price: price in number ( currency can be setup from profile )

    • Display in Home: Display in Home button, if we enable this button the item we are adding will be displayed in the Menu home page.

    • Description: Write the description of the item we are adding.

    • Dietary Requirements

    • Upload Image

    • Advance Settings

  • Enter the item name in the title text area and enter the price in the price area.

  • We also have Dietary Requirements to choose for the particular item added.

  • After that upload image for the item adding.

  • We have an “Advanced Settings button” to customise the item we are adding.

  • By using advanced settings we can change the title text alignment,title size and color,price text alignment price size and color Item Background Color.

  • If we enable Item background color it will display the item background color in the product detail page.

  • And we can also edit the item border here.

  • By clicking on the “Save Button” we will get a success pop up with a message item added successfully.

  • In the menu page admin can remove Sections and Items by using the x symbol on the particular item and the section or admin can remove all Items and Sections By using the Remove All button.

  • By clicking on See All button admin can see all the sections and products present in the menu.

  • Admin can Customise the Search, Login and the cart button by clicking on the edit symbol present on them.

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