A logo is a graphic mark, symbol, or stylized name used to identify a company,product, or brand.

By default displaying the menura logo, users can change the logo by menu page.

Steps to customize the logo:

1.click on menu section in header

2.able to see menu page

3.click on the edit icon (edit icon is located on the left side of the logo)

4.Able to see the edit fields on the right side of the page.

5.In the logo edit we have Toggle Bar.

  • For the inactive toggle bar we are hiding the logo in all the interfaces like client,waiter and reception.

  • For the active toggle bar we are displaying the more option like

1.Upload Image:

Admin can add the image from here.

2. Logo Width

Admin can set the image width here by

3. Logo Alignment

Admin can arrange the image alignment here

4. Logo URL:

In we have two options

  • Start:if an admin selects this option ,when the client clicks on the logo it will redirect to the start page of the company

  • Menu:if an admin selects this option,when the client clicks on the logo it will redirect to the Menu of the company.

5.click on save button

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