Create new QR/Table

Steps to create the table :

  • Click on the table section in header

  • Click on the add table button.

  • Able to see add option in the right side

  • Admin is able to see by default generated table code, admin can use the default table code or they can modify it.

  • Fill the required fields like table code ,Table Location and No of Seats.

  • Admin can see one more option called Client Interface, admin selected interface will display to the client.

  • Admin can choose the required color for QR Code in the advance setting.

  • Click save.

  • Able to see the added table.

Type of Tables :

  • What is ( Client Interface - Mobile ) ?

Restaurant / Cafe admin, can select the style that will show to clients when they Scan Menu QR or open Menu url.

Any selected style, it will show to clients when scan QR or open Menu URL.

Access Menu by QR:

  • Download QR and you can put on tables of your restaurant so customers can scan and view menu details

Access Menu by URL:

  • Click on “ Copy Button “ then your restaurant menu is copied and it can be used for your Waiter Tablet or Smart device.

Steps to edit the table:

  • Click edit button on the table

  • Able to see edit option in the right side

  • Edit the required fields and click save

Steps for QR code setting:

  • Click on the setting button next to the QR code in any particular table.

  • Admin can add the Image, QR Width, QR Height, Dots Style, Corners Square Style, Background Color and Download options.

  • By clicking on the save button the QR code will be saved.

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