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Menu is a list of dishes available to serve. By clicking on the section Menu it will display menu page, which contains list of food sections and the products present in the sections

Steps to create sections:

  • Click on the menu section, it will display the menu page.

Add Sections:

  • In the Menu page by clicking on Add Sections, it will display the Add Section area.

  • Enter the title of the Section in the title text area.

  • By clicking on the upload image button we can upload the section image.

  • We have an advanced settings button. By clicking on this button we can customise the section.

  • In advance settings we can change title text alignment,title text color and size.

  • There is an Item - Active button if we enable the button the items of that section will display the number of items under the section name otherwise it will be hidden.

  • We can change item text alignment, item text size and color and section color here.

  • Here we have an item background color button if we enable the button the section color will be reflected in the product details page of the products of that section.

  • By using section borders we can increase or decrease the section border edges curve.

  • We can use these settings for all toggle buttons by enabling this button the settings made to this section will be applied to all the sections present in the menu section or if we disable the button the settings we made here are applied to the particular section we are adding.

  • By using Section order we can change the order of the section it's displaying.

  • Note : If we enable the Use these settings for all buttons we can not change the section order.

  • By clicking on the save button we will get success pop up with the message section saved successfully and the section will be displayed in the Menu page.

After creating sections we need to add products/items to those food sections.

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