Reception Management

A receptionist is an employee taking a restaurant or hotel support position. The work is usually performed in a waiting area such as a lobby or front office desk of a restaurant.

Here admin can manage the reception by adding new receptionists, editing the present receptions and deleting the receptions.

Steps to Reception Management :

  • Click on the reception section in the header,it will open the Reception page.

  • In the reception page there is a list of receptions added by the admin.

  • On the top right of the page there is an add reception button to add the new reception.

  • By clicking on the add reception button it will display the Add Reception area.

  • In the Add Reception area there is an Upload Image option,click on the new image button and add an image of the reception.It is optional it is not mandatory field admins can add reception even without an image.

  • Enter the name of the reception in the Full name text area.

  • Select the gender type Male or Female.

  • There are permissions list buttons which are as follows :

  1. Accept Order : If the Accept Order button is enabled then only Reception can accept the order else if the button is disabled then the accept button is hidden for reception and reception cant accept the order.

  2. Decline Order : If this button is enabled then only reception can decline the order,if the button is disabled then Reception can’t decline the order; the decline button will be disabled in the orders page.

  3. Complete Order : If this button is enabled then only Reception can complete the order,if the button is disbled then reception can’t complete the order.

  4. Edit Order: if this button is enabled then reception can edit the order if this button is disabled then reception can’t edit the order.

  • After completing all the fields click on save button,by clicking on save it will display a success pop up.

  • The saved reception is displayed in the list with the reception image,name,Gender,Password to login to that reception and reception created time and then the edit button.

  • Click on the edit button, it will display the edit reception area and admin can make changes here and save.

  • Admin can also delete the reception created when it is not needed.

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